About Us

The School Grounds Company started trading in 2005 with children and conservation at the core of our business. Our main expertise is in knowing how to enhance and use school grounds. We have a passion for working with schools to develop and improve their outdoor spaces. We will support you in maximising the use of your grounds, unlocking their potential and making them an integral part of your curriculum development.

Our company philosophy is based on education, ecology and environment. We are excited about the outdoors, and we bring that enthusiasm to our work with schools. We appreciate that each school is unique, and we have the knowledge and analytical understanding to draw out the very best from your grounds, without compromising on quality.

We take a holistic, participative and sustainable approach that is borne out of our professionalism and knowledge and that is sympathetic to your requirements. We set ourselves a high standard by listening to our clients, analysing problems and applying solutions. OFSTED requires schools to use the outdoors. We understand what children need to learn, so our work integrates our passion for the environment with the many educational opportunities supplied by any school grounds.