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Teacher Training for Outdoor Learning

Our four comprehensive workshops can be used as the basis of a whole or half day training or staff meeting for your school or your consortium.

1. Taking Maths Outdoors

Taking Maths Outdoors facilitates authentic and experiential learning, engaging with children to learn about Maths in effective and practical ways. This course will equip teachers with the knowledge and confidence to deliver high quality Maths lessons inspired by the outdoor environment.

2. Working With Wildlife (Science and Geography)

Increase knowledge and confidence in teaching the required "Understanding of Science and living things". You will expand your skills in identifying key native plants, trees and creatures in your grounds. Engage in activities to excite and educate your children and have high quality activities for immediate use in school.

3. Learning Outdoors (Cross Curricular)

OFSTED requires schools to apply skills and knowledge in a variety of ways. We will take you through a range of activities that explore the great outdoors and illustrate how you can encourage learning across the curriculum, with stimulating activities that inspire engagement by children of all learning abilities.

4. Bespoke Outdoor Training

Your grounds are unique to your school. Whether you have a current plan and policy for using your outdoor space, are already using Forest School ideas, or are just starting out, we will work with you on a dedicated training plan to suit your needs and aspirations.

Our workshops are infinitely flexible to cater for your particular school needs. Phone us on: 01438 869090 for more details or send us an enquiry and we will get back to you.